100% Fat Free Reading

20 Apr

A wise man once said to me – “use what is closest at hand, for that is what you know best”.  I’m not sure what he meant, and I’m not even totally sure if this was something ever spoken aloud, but while brainstorming in the shower: What my first blog entry should be, those words came to mind.  The answer is: What’s closest at hand, in my world consists of food, drink, and a collection of trusty guides to tasty locations throughout town. (note to future editor / ghost writer of this blog, let’s insert a joke here, we need to start off with a big laugh).

A few things to consider before reading further, or deciding to invest time into this blog:

1.) You will find a mixed bag of content.  From delicious food experiences, best seats in particular restaurants, surly waiters and managers who made the experience unforgettable for all the wrong reasons, award winning original recipes, and random stories about humanity that are closely related to food.  That reminds me, I’ll be posting a top three meals, and I encourage you to share yours.  I’ll also be posting a world renowned  Chili Recipe which will be featured at the Baja Cantina 2010 Chili Cookoff.

2.) I tend to digress sometimes.

3.) I will not be spelling things out, there will be subtext, so don’t take everything at face value.

4.) I can tend to be gratuitous when explaining things, and totally misuse words (that is a byproduct of my laziness in earlier years of school).  I apologize in advance for my ignorance, but relax, this isn’t the New York Times, it’s supposed to be mildly entertaining, that’s it.  Actually, that’s not true – there’s a lot in it for you.  Let me give you an example: Just say you have a date tonight, and you don’t want to get stuck at a table-for-two against a wall in front of some waiter-walk-way…you actually want an intimate environment, a corner, bench facing the back wall, dim light, maybe even cushions.  You’ll find in post #5 entitled ‘best restaurants to make-out in and not feel like a d-bag’ – that the optimal table for this particular situation can be found on the covered patio around the corner to the right then left straight back – at a restaurant on Laurel Canyon Blvd called Pace (satisfied?).

5.) (I tend to speak in the brackets a lot.  I don’t know why this is…maybe its just a bit safer, a bit more protected).

6.) I may tend to be negative more than positive when posting things.  I find this is more interesting, and as humans we’re intrinsically much more interested in bad news, than good. (The Happiness Hypothesis – Jonathan Haidt)

7.) I love food and drink more than anything on this entire earth (I know what you’re thinking, but a mint pesto covered Rack of Lamb can’t give you Clamidia).

(End Post)

Ingredients that helped produce this Blog Article: Post Workout dopamine & Elton John classic album.


One Response to “100% Fat Free Reading”

  1. ronalewis May 15, 2010 at 3:03 pm #

    This is very funny! You’re almost as funny as me! (Although I also use brackets as inserted thoughts. So did Tom Wolfe and look how well HE turned out!)

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