Fresh Brothers Pizza – Marina Del Rey

25 Aug

Executive Summary:

This is a phenomenal place if you get the pizza/salad combo at a reasonable $9.25.

Other Commentary:

I’ve only patronized the Marina Del Rey location – not only do they play sports when available (they even have TVs in the washroom so you won’t miss a play), they also have Yo Gabba Gabba, and similar cartoons playing (have you ever watched this? Just plain trippy!).

I ordered delivery from these guys (once) and the bill was like $45 – $50, which kinda took me by surprise (a couple medium pies and a couple cookies).  But let’s keep this in perspective, I’m accustomed to going to Pizza Madonna (Montreal Institution) after the bar for a $.99 slice.  Personally, I feel that Pizza should be a cheep meal.

As an aside, In general, I’m never really a fan of ordering delivery.  You really have no control over how hot your food is going to be.  Such a helpless feeling.

The only thing I’ve ever had when ‘eating in’ at Fresh Brothers is the following (description taken straight from the menu):

7″ 1-Topping Pizza and your choice of a small Salad Favorite 9.25

In my opinion, this is the Pièce de résistance:
– You can have thin crust or deep dish.  I always get the thin crust with pepperoni, mushroom, and onion.
– Nice crispy crust, decent quality toppings, and comes to your table PIPING HOT!
– The salad isn’t your run-o-the-mill side salad either.  You can choose from a variety of fresh salads; I usually get the garden salad (lots of fresh veggies), or the Greek salad.

I was curious how they could afford to do this, so I flagged one of the friendly managers down and asked him about the Combo.  He said that they really wanted to provide “as much food as possible” for $9.25.  In other words, they made a conscious decision to provide a really good value to customers.

As an aside, here is another one of their combos:

7″ 1-Topping Pizza & an order of French Fries 7.95

May I ask: Who on earth eats fries with Pizza?  I’ve never had such a craving, and I’m not saying it’s wrong – I just need to understand who in their right mind would do this, and why?


One Response to “Fresh Brothers Pizza – Marina Del Rey”

  1. Alexander Zilo August 7, 2011 at 11:07 am #

    Try making a homemade pizza.It is fun and delicious !

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