Intelligentsia, Venice: Serious About Coffee

29 Aug

A fresh poured latte – double shot, 2% milk, ceramic cup. (Pictured Above)

Intelligentsia is serious about coffee.  My first experience went something like this:

ME: (pointing at the wall) “Hey how much is that coffee by the pound?”

Barista: “$21”

ME: “Oh, ok, I’ll have to get some when I’m done using my Lavazza”

Barista: “Lavazza?  (look of disgust), sorry to hear that”

(sound of crickets)

“Ok, thanks for the latte, see you next time”

This is pretty much a true story?  Did the experience leave a bitter taste in my mouth…absolutely not, I actually inquired as to why this particular Barista thought the Lavazza is shit.  He plainly explained that there is no control over when the beans were roasted – it’s not fresh (good point).

I’ve been buying coffee at Intelligentsia by the pound for the last few months, and it’s absolutely delicious (made in an Italian Press, stove top).


One Response to “Intelligentsia, Venice: Serious About Coffee”

  1. Rona Lewis August 30, 2010 at 10:50 pm #

    Farlan, these are terrific! Now YOU have given ME inspiration to start writing my blog again. I got so involved with the cookbook that my blog (also wordpress) (and yes, I too use lots of parentheses!) went by the wayside. Great stuff…

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