Au Pied de Cochon – Montreal Quebec

22 Sep

Executive Summary:  It was kinda like lord of the flies, but with a bottle of St-Emilion.

Ok, you’ll ‘get’ the exec summary once you watch the video.  A couple things to note on the overall experience, before watching the video:

1.) Don’t think you can just ‘walk in’ here.  They basically said bar was open in 2.5 hours and to come back then, I stood in the front window and made a sad pouty face until they said they would set a table up for me in an hour. (the ladies in front of us made a reso six months ago)

2.) It’s a Tuesday night at around 9:30 when the video was shot – just take a look a the atmosphere.  Yes, awesome.

3.) The 2005 St Emilion was perfectly chilled to just a few degrees below room temp.  I did, however, have to request the ‘big-ass-glasses’.

4.) You’re going to need to hit the gym the day after.


536 Duluth Est
Montréal (Québec)
H2L 1A9

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